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Possession (Flash Game)

2008-07-24 16:07:38 by pancake0Dean

So I'm resubmitting the original (really bad) version of Possession in like 10 mins, so go check that out and feel free to give CONSTRUCTIVE criticism.

Anyway heres some screen shots of the new version. Enjoy.

ScreenShot #1

ScreenShot #2

So some improvements so far are bigger map, better graphics, better plot, minimap, grow your own drugs, grow houses, use drugs, fighting system.


Possession (Flash Game)


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2008-07-24 21:08:56

Grow your own drugs is a great idea, didn't think of that...
What exactly do you mean by growing houses?

pancake0Dean responds:

basically a place to grow the drugs. A green house or apartment or something.

I was just searching for things to list to make it sound better lol.


2008-07-25 20:51:18

Not a bad list to shoot for, have you been looking for a sponsor?

pancake0Dean responds:

I havn't been looking but I will be doing at some point.


2008-07-27 18:56:19

Need help?
I am pretty good in AS,and i'll do for free. I do want credits on NG.....:)


2008-08-10 09:41:26

Wait, you can grow houses?

pancake0Dean responds:

Be smarter.


2008-08-15 18:03:10

when should it be done?

pancake0Dean responds:

Quite a while man, I've bearly touched it since I made this post.

I'll definatly get to work on it next week. I got mega bored of flash.

A month tops, I'd say

: Depending on my mood.


2008-08-17 14:53:26

your a fucking comunist cunt bastard

pancake0Dean responds:

But I wuv wu :(